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The Internet Supported, WiFi Enabled, Student Friendly, Zero Fine, Flexi Time, Open Access Library System With Reading Room ang Digital-Manual Cataloging  :                                       Mrs Veena Khajuria

The College Library is the unique student friendly  resource. It offers for it's readers several facilities like: 1. Book Bank.  2. Open Shelf Access  3. Zero Fine System    4.Computerised Access  5. Vast Reference  Resource  6.  Educational Journals   7.  Educational Reports  8. Get a Book Facility.  9.Innovative Newspaper stands  10.  Student Friendly Issue - Return Counter

Welcome To Our Student Friendly Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Learners Library

TheLibrary System has been so designed and organized that each student will get ( 3 ) periods in a Week.  This is apart from special access during Assignment writing days So Enjoy and make Books your best Friends. Day No's have been Assigned as per the schedule:


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Mrs Veena Khajuria

The Librarian


    DAY NO            SECTION                     DAY NO         SECTION

        1            AMBEDKAR                            2         AUROBINDO

        3            RADHAKRISHNAN                4         SAROJINI   NAIDU

        5            SAVITRI PHULE                      6        TAGORE

        7            VIVEKANANDA               



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